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last updated February 13, 2023Status: The first 70 packages are shipped! Only 200 more to go.If you ordered from:
> Russia
> Ukraine
> Belarus
we've sent you an email to either confirm your mailing info or request alternative mailing arrangements due to import restrictions.
Digital copies will be going out after all the physical shipments are complete. If you provided a mailing address when ordering your digital copy, you may receive a postcard or Kuposel sticker in the mail!

last updated January 3, 2023Status: Three hundred copies of the book have hit our doorstep!This is the last chance for ADDRESS CHANGES! We're extending it by a week to give people a liiiiitle more time. Here's our address change form, make sure all updates are submitted by JANUARY 14, 2024!Honestly, the books are beyond stunning. The spot UV and gold foil are so beautiful, and these bad boys are THICK, with roughly 180 pages of content. We're going to be doing a full count and QC next week, but in the meantime we got a few pictures to share.

last updated November 20, 2023Status: At time of writing, we are waiting in the print queue for our full run of books! Our printer estimates our order will be arriving at the end of December. We'll be waiting until after the holiday red zone to begin shipments, which puts our first deliveries going out in late January, and we'll be sending them in waves over the weeks that follow.At this time, we'd like to remind our preorder customers to alert us of any ADDRESS CHANGES so we can make sure everything gets where it needs to be! Here's our address change form, make sure all updates are submitted by JANUARY 7, 2024!We will be sending out TWO email reminders for address changes via Mailchimp before the change deadline. If you have not gotten our update emails in the past, you can make sure you're subscribed to updates by entering your email at the top of the page.Today's pic is a piece by Krinxler that didn't make it into the book, he provided some great industrial images for the project.

last updated September 19, 2023Status: After full review of the proof copy, we've made a small handful of edits. We'll be reprinting a few pages that have had color adjustments to double check that everything looks good before the final print.Stationary, coloring pages, and other printables will be in both A4 & Letter! Here's a preview of a few of them, designed by @Aruudlay(1-2) and guile(3).

August 11, 2023Status: We received the print proofs (for color and size review) and "dummy" copy (a blank assembly) and are currently reviewing them. Once we have reviewed the proofs, we will send them back to the printer so that they can make any necessary changes, then we'll be on our way to a full print run!

July 28, 2023Status: We have finalized the cover details and digital files with the printer and are awaiting the physical test print for review! This print will be used to check the colors, sizing, quality, layout, and legibility.Below you can check out our updated front and back covers as well as some merch highlights. The cover will have gold foil detail on the Buster sword portion of the back cover doodle, text, and logo, and Crimson Sun's cover artwork will have Spot UV. Back cover artwork by Guile and fonts have been updated for cleaner foil stamping.

May 2023Status: Thank you again for your patience through the extended production period! We're finally out of the long, winding woods of the pre-print phase. After having all our merch in-hand for such a long time (see our Gallery below), it's a huge relief for all of us to get this book brought to life.With the departure of our head mod and social media mod, we have been working on restructuring and catching up on communications via email and Twitter that were previously missed. We are not currently able to access the zine Tumblr account.Contributors featured:
Top - Greylights, Guile
Middle - Luxites, WritingWoodard
Bottom - Chiral, Dave Jolina

Production Gallery
↳ Proof that we existed: A Crisis Core Scrapbook

Banner art by @artofalassa

last updated August 11, 2023Status: The core moderation team have left the project and all contributors are free to post their work. Volunteers from the Crisis Core Scrapbook's layout team are in the process of updating the digital zines between production tasks on their primary project. We've been told to expect further updates when the scrapbook has been submitted for its full production run.

RE: Awesome Merchandise LTD Fraud
↳ Summary & Impacted Projects

last updated January 11, 2023Projects Impacted:
↳ xXZine_of_DespairXx
↳ Reunion
One of our former manufacturing partners, AWESOME MERCHANDISE LTD, has been involved in apparent fraud.(1) No project funds have been lost, but alternative options of comparable pricing and quality were not able to be secured within a reasonable time frame.
The moderators of xXZine_of_DespairXx have decided to cancel physical production of the zine, and have asked Limit Break Press LLC to refund all preorders. As of November 29, 2022, all refunds have been submitted and should be reflected in customer accounts.Refund Status:
↳ Refunds completed on all transactions on November 29, 2022.
ARNs were issued for Stripe refunds between Nov 30 and Dec 07, 2022.
Additional details about the fraud can be found below the divider, provided by the ZOD mod team. Anyone who wishes to republish or share this information is welcome to do so without credit required, the mods request that linked sources are also included in any reposts.

Extended Synopsis:
AWESOME MERCHANDISE was a UK based manufacturing company with a secondary branch in the US. The company previously performed a large crowdfunding campaign, taking in thousands from mostly small indie artists(2), and entered administration (UK equivalent of bankruptcy) in late August 2022. The owner immediately sold all assets to himself under a different name, PRINT INC, dissolving the original company, closing the US branch, and leaving crowdfunders unable to seek compensation for their losses.
Customers were not informed of the situation and continued receiving regular promo emails, with the UK site still accepting new orders. The US website is still accessible with all products removed but no indication of the closure. As of early November, comments are still closed on their social media. In September, posts asking about unfilled orders were being flagged and hidden(3), with calls and emails going ignored. We have not verified if any of those orders have been filled by this time.A misleading post(4) about the situation was shared to their social media several weeks after cutting off contact with customers, implying the new owner is an unrelated entity and the founder being "brought back" as a consultant. The founder has owned both companies for the duration of their existence, appearing to create the second to purchase the first.Sources: 1: Yorkshire Post Summary Article; 2: Crowdcube Fundraiser Data; 3: Hidden Comments Example (Twitter); 4: Official Statement (Twitter).